Mizuhiki Art Bottle Bag

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Product Description

This beautiful sake/wine bottle bag is handcrafted from Mizuhiki knots called Awaji-musubi, which is a popular design for celebration.

The traditional Awaji-musubi knots wrap tightly around a bottle and stays connected, symbolically difficult to undo.

It is tediously crafted by a skilled artisan and was chosen for JIDA Design Museum Selection Vol 14 in 2013.

This can be a perfect presentation case for wine and sake or as a creative flower vase to live up a room.



Product Details

Photographed Wine Bottle Size: Diameter 70mm x Height 300mm
Bag Size: Diameter 90mm x Height 300mm
Materials: Mizuhiki Cord
Made in: Ehime, Japan



What is Awaji musubi?


Traditionally considered a good omen because pulling the two ends tightens the knots, signifying a stronger relationship, it is often used for special gifts at weddings.


How to use

    1. Insert a bottle and pull the end of the Mizuhiki
    2. Hold the ends of the Mizuhiki together to carry


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