Kata Kata Kohare - Cats and Birds (Pink)

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Product Description

This cute Furoshiki has motifs of a black cat and bird, designed by the special dyeing artist, "kata kata."

The black cat was considered to be a good luck cat before the pre-modern period in Japan, and the motif of a black cat was often used as an amulet to protect from evil spirits, a good-luck charm, and a symbol of business prosperity. During the Edo-period, people believed that the black cats could cure tuberculosis, one of the most life-threatening diseases back then.

 The bird has been a popular motif as it's one of the twelve Japanese zodiac characters. It has been largely used for a symbol of business prosperity, perfect to wrap gifts for opening new shops or businesses and for people that loves cats, birds and nature.

Product Details

Size: 70 cm (27.5 inches)
Weight: 75 g
Made of: 100% Cotton
Made in: Japan

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