【Love you】Engraved Wooden Coaster with Japanese Writing

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This unique product is a one of a kind wooden coaster created with natural cedar from “Kumakogen Town”, a location in Japan known for its wilderness, valleys and rich history. Each coaster has characters designed by calligraphy artists elegantly engraved in the surface.

These coasters will add a special touch to any event. They are a stylish way to convey gratitude and well wishes to every guest. 

Materials are chosen by local handworking craftsmen and then carefully processed by laser engraving.

Enjoy the blissful scents and textures of a natural forest environment.


Temperature and humidity can cause warpage to this product, due to its characteristics. To restore it, simply dry or moisten the other side of the product.


Product Details

Diameter: 95mm 

Thickness: 7mm

Made of: Wood 100% (non-coating)

Made in: Japan

Other info: Finished with laser engraving

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